• Freelance & Content Writer

    My challenge as an author and professional writer is to create text that evokes a shared sense of meaning and connection.Writing is a nuanced process – it takes breath, perseverance and the capacity to ache for the right word.

    You can engage my help at any stage of your writing process.

    I can also link you with a range of useful partners in graphic design, website development/hosting and other marketing services for project management that is relevant and fuss-free.

    Freelance writer

    I can offer a well-written response for you when demands on your time outweigh the resources, ability or inclination you have to bring your ideas to the page. My service offer is an evolving, diverse, client-led list that evidences versatility and the organic nature of how I work.
    • Articles and opinion pieces for print publications, newsletters, bulletins
    • Personal documentation such as applications, presentations, speeches, correspondence, submissions
    • Business documents such as Company profiles and presentersproposals,grant applications, business plans and general correspondence
    • Any writing that needs a professional touch!



    You’d be surprised how often all kinds of people use ghostwriters – both professionally and personally. My words, your name, your brief – outsourcing at its finest! From articles to books, and anything in between.

    Biographies, Memoirs and Life Stories

    It’s a privilege to  document another’s life story in biography form. Every story needs to be told – not only for publication but also to record and honour a life. Personal story telling can also honour  significant life events such as birth stories, eulogies, parenthood, milestones and rites of passage – from short articles to full length tomes.  

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  • Writing Philosophy

    When you value meaning and purpose, it’s important to say what you mean and mean what you say. My values guide my words:

    Impact and effect

    To move a reader with alive words in an alive world, direct and with a sense of momentum


    Avoiding rhetoric and meaningless words – a word ‘economy’


    Depth of understanding, to be informed and to be informative


    An aesthetic quality in the selection and flow of words


    Real, honest and open. Consideration for how writing leaves its mark. A big picture and little picture perspective.

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  • Testimonials


    “Lindy is a rare commodity – articulate, highly creative and imaginative but also grounded and able to blend solutions that reflect commercial realities and business imperatives. She is emotionally intelligent and strategic, able to convey complex concepts with ease to a diverse audience and comfortable in a range of settings. Lindy is also values driven and passionate, embibing her work with energy, passion and soul. I miss working with her.”

    Samantha Young, Director – ClinPsych Psychology Services

    Owner Builder Magazine

    “After some initial discussions on requirements and style for articles in The Owner Builder magazine (TOB 165 June/July 2011), Lindy provided us with a piece that reflected the artistic nature of the home owner beautifully, while still providing the information and detail our readers enjoy. Lindy’s professional approach meant that very little rework was needed, making our layout and editing process much easier.”

    Lynda Wilson, Editor/Publisher, The Owner Builder magazine
    Read article here:     Lindys cover story for owner builder feature Sioux

    Blessed Earth

    “Lindy Schneider is a unique individual – caring, highly intelligent and with a rare ability to look at a marketing situation and come up with original solutions.

    Above all, Lindy gives 100% to everything she undertakes. In the course of evolving Blessed Earth over a 5 year period, there were several people who put in more than we could ever have asked.

    Lindy is one of them and we are eternally grateful to her.”

    Rai Handiman  – Blessed Earth

    Soft Loud House Architects

    “Lindy’s contribution to the Soft Loud House Architects website was invaluable – her intrinsic understanding of what our needs were and her easy communication skills made working with her a pleasure.

    Lindy’s extensive marketing background was a blessing as she was able to guide us in the right direction as our website developed – the end result being a beautifully written site that reflected the tone, quality and aesthetic of our company.

    We will look to Lindy for our future copy writing needs and happily recommend her services.”

    Bianca Rich and Alvyn Williams – Soft Loud House Architects

    Master of Arts

    “This is a very moving tribute to your friend. I’ve read much great writing in my years as a teacher but nothing has ever moved me to tears – this piece did. It is powerful, profound, affecting and very well constructed. The audio and visual material supplied adds much to the work, although the writing certainly stands alone as very strong work. This piece certainly should have wider distribution than family and friends. It could potentially offer great solace to others who are grieving.”

    Jacqui Ross – Tutor in the Master of Arts writing program – Swinburne 2011

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  • Transforming Writers


    Transforming Writers Warburton – 2014


    The Program:

     Transforming Writers uniquely focuses on writing as a tool of transformation and social change.
    Through a series of presentations, workshops, experiential and practical writing programs, interactive panel discussions and performance, we will bring together international and local writers to share with well regarded, world leaders in the field of writing for change.

    Local and international speakers will be engaged for their commitment to writing as a transformational tool on both the individual and community level.


    This years program – 2014

    May 11-14     Warburton Harmony Festival
    Featuring Andrew Harvey  (uthor of  Radical Passion and The Hope, A guide to Sacred Activism 

    *See www.warburtonharmonyfest.com for information

    The Location:

    Warburton is an eclectic village located at the base of Mt Donna Buang and at the source of the Yarra River. With its pristine natural environment, it is a wonderful sanctuary for writers and artists and attracts a diverse community. Quality restaurants and cafes, a range of accommodation options and many other tourism wonders make it a perfect location for a weekend of writing.


    Upper Yarra Arts Centre
    3409  Warburton Hwy,  Warburton (Melways 290 B4)
    Tel:  (03) 5966 4500,  Fax:  (03) 5966 9370
    email:  venueenquires@yarraranges.vic.gov.au

    Facebook Page:




    Auspiced by:

    Live and Learn Environmental Education

    Supported by:

    Upper Yarra Community Enterprise
    and the Bendigo Bank
    The Upper Yarra Writers Group and
    various Warburton arts and tourism organisations

    Ticketing & Enquiries:

    Yarra Valley Showcase
    Tel:   (03)  5966 5544

    Event organisers:

    Lindy Schneider      Tel:   0417 365 697         email:   lindy@lindyschneider.com.au
    Keith Simons            Tel:   0499 272 820         email:   keithsimons@our.own.net.au
    Leanne Simons        Tel:   (03) 5966 5544      email:    yarravalleyshowcase@our.own.net.au

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  • Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine

    By Lindy Schneider

    By Lindy Schneider

    Launched by Jana Wendt in  April 2016, Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine is the story of Professor Avni Sali and Integrative Medicine.

    Available via the National Institute of Integrative Medicine or via theoriser form below. 

    ‘If I had to choose between what was right for the patient and what was right for the establishment then I would always choose for the patient.’
    Professor Avni Sali  

    In a medical system burdened by illness, one man has spent his lifetime demanding change. This is the story of Professor Avni Sali, pioneer of lifestyle-based approaches to health and wellbeing, and founder of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine.

    It reveals the challenges and achievements he has encountered in his quest for a new future for medicine – integrative medicine as the key to optimal health.

    Media coverage at launch

    Media coverage at launch

  • Artist's Statement

    I am interested in revealing the untold tales of women and their souls.

    In freeing a woman’s voice.

    In elevating the feminine.

    To craft and be wholly of the feminine in way and word. To ride on the back of instinct and to write.

    I look for the spaces in which we may seek our rest.

    Where words provide pause.

    Where beauty cracks us open.

    This is what my own heart seeks most – to be broken by beauty and for words to become the imperfect veins of gold that allow us to weep and let us truly be.

  • Communications

    As a specialist copy and content writer, I know the right words are an investment and I work with insight and integrity to develop effective copy that is full of life.

    Engaging writing brings words to life and life to words, especially in the digital world where cut-through is important. Your copywriting project deserves the best. 

    Communications Consultant

    So many things to say and, now, so many ways to get the message out. I find the right message, the right words and the right way to connect with the right kind of people. A little advice can clarify the right path – allowing me to provide total project support can make that path one of ease and achievement.

    Want to know more about how to plan, how to write and how to edit. I can help you become self-sifficient or provide regular direction and/or copy.

    Other areas I can provide unique support in include:
    • Communications Plans including Social Media and new era Digital opportunities
    • Brochures
    • Print Advert copy
    • Website copy
    • Press releases
    • Newsletters, email campaigns (MailChimp) and blog posts (SEO)

    Digital writing

    Digital publishing

    The internet is a new frontier in publishing, full of opportunities that have never been available before. We now have the ability to connect with new readers via new technologies – we can even create entirely new ways of writing!


    The web is a unique reading environment so information needs to be adapted so users stay tuned. Developing effective web content is more complex than uploading existing brochure content online. Information needs to be easy to find, quick to digest and straight to the point – all in half the time.

    Websites & blogs

    Content Writing for Websites

    A professionally written website is a necessity for every business as it is often your key marketing activity. I can write original copy or collate and edit existing materials. Writing for the web is a specialist writing skill so it’s worth getting it right.

    Blogs, eNewsletters, Facebook Marketing

    I can write regular posts for your business or personal blog, a fast growing communication tool that lets you self-publish and personally connect with your readers/customers. New to blogs? I can help you get started with what works and what doesn’t. Spread your words.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Well-written copy can also be SEO-written copy by carefully balancing keywords and content. Improve all-important Google rankings and your user experience with SEO and content direction that is focused on results. This enhances any technical (back end) optimisation web developers can offer you.

    Digital editor

    Quality content and editing go hand in hand, yet we often see copy on the web that is poorly written. Editing is a specialist skill and a fresh pair of eyes will illuminate how your copy can be taken to the next level. In the digital environment, editing also relates to navigation and user experience, conciseness of text, readability and site architecture.

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  • From This Place

    Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.38.12 pmA publication and exhibition that brings to life the inspiring stories and art making of local women artists who choose to locate their work in Warburton and surrounds, in direct relationship with the Yarra River and natural environment.

    This not-for-profit project will showcase the art and the natural beauty of the Yarra Valley through a series of stories about individual artists, why they choose to be here and what the landscape brings to their work.

    A collaboration between Angela Rivas, photographer, and Lindy Schneider, writer.

    Proudly supported by the Shire of Yarra Ranges and the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank branches.

    See website for more details or like for updates on our Facebook page.
  • How We Work

    My writing or editing services can be sought at ANY stage in your process.

    A typical flow of events would be:

    1.  Discuss writing/editing task and review of source materials.

    2.  Preparation and agreement of quote and writers aim.

    3.  Research and sample passage if required.

    4.  First draft. This is the most time consuming element and what I present to you will be near completion. (I am a bit of a perfectionist that way.)

    5.  First review, feedback and corrections (to a reasonable level).

    6.  Completed task as final draft, approved and edited for destination. Review.

    Getting what you need and paying what it is worth

    Quotes for each project can be based on a ‘one price’ completed task (fixed price) or cost per word/hour format and will always include a time estimate.

    I welcome the opportunity to quote each job according to its unique needs rather than offer flat fee pricing. That way, I can tailor our work together to ensure it is in line with your expectations and budget.

    If you need to, ask me about concessions and barter/exchange.

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  • Editor

    Good editing doesn’t show… it removes the distractions from text so that your message comes through clearly and concisely. Editing is an investment in maintaining a professional brand or personal image. It provides a polish to copy that brings words to life and says you care about your reader’s experience.

    I can provide editing services at any stage of your development process: proofreading and final draft reviews, copyediting or structural editing.

    Professional Editing includes:
    • Sharpening or streamlining copy
    • Flow and structure
    • Grammar, punctuation and spelling
    • Content, comprehension and consistency
    • Proofreading before publishing
    • Collation and presentation of materials
    • Project management/overview


    I provide a comprehensive proofreading service, with quick turnaround, on all written material from newsletters, digital content to full length books. A fresh set of eyes makes all the difference.

  • The Chemical Maze

    Book and iPhone app integrated with online content
  • Author

    The author in me is a never-ending stream. I have several manuscripts in process and delight in stewarding them through the many stages of writing until they are born.  I find myself diving into interesting collaborations with others, and enjoy exploring the possibilities of the digital era. 

    My books include: 

    The Chemical Maze Bookshelf Companion 

    Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine – The story of Professor Avni Sali and Integrative Medicine 

    I am currently working on a collaboration ‘From This Place – Inspiring Women Artists of the Upper Yarra Valley’ due for release 1.9.17.

  • Other Projects

    Real world experience is at the heart of effective project management and writing. When I create for you, I call on more than 25 years experience in marketing and communications, psychology and health to provide a depth of understanding that is transparent and immediate.Great ideas need love and attention to come into form.

    As a steward of creative ideas, I  bring projects into being that inspire action and the extraordinary. 

    Upper Yarra Writers Group – Co-Convenor – create a community

    As a response to the solitary craft that is writing, I created a writers’ group to share resources, build a sense of belonging and support each other in our writing process. Now we are many, we are dynamic and we are connected. A foundation built on a network of others – that’s the ultimate consult.
    See our Facebook Page

    Transforming Writers – Co-Founder

    As co-founder of Transforming Writers Inc, a not for profit organisation, I am delighted to create this ongoing series of events to serve all writers who focus on writing as an agent for change.

    The Transforming Writers event is the first event in Australia that uniquely focuses on writing as a tool of transformation and social change. Through a series of presentations, workshops, experiential and practical writing programs, interactive panel discussions and performance, we will bring together writers from the community and Melbourne to work with well regarded, world leaders in the field of writing for change, such as mystical scholar Andrew Harvey and indigenous storyteller Dr Lewis Mehl-Madrona.
    See our website for more details

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  • About

    Lindy Schneider
    I am a writer with the courage to make a story real. Actually, I am many forms of writer – author, biographer, freelance writer, ghost writer and editor, creator and communications consultant, content writer and digital specialist.

    My personal writing interests are vested in exploring the healing power of story and the authentication of personal mythologies and experiences. I am influenced by Jungian philosophy and hold meaning and purpose as essential writing values in my genre, creative non-fiction.

    My mission in writing is the pursuit of meaning and passionate action – meaningful words are the essence of a meaningful world. My writing has an inspirational quality, an emotional integrity that stems from a narrative based on personal experiences and deep reflection. I am mindful of the details that make life rich, gathering the threads that weave the tapestry of human experience. I value the poetic and see writing as a beautiful way to connect and elevate life. Through our words we stand for what we believe.

    I work glocally (global/local) and am a part of the new era in self-created, balanced living. I live with a mountain and a river in the pristine Yarra Valley – writers’ bliss on the outskirts of Melbourne – but my virtual office takes me everywhere.

    As a freelance writer who would love to write for you, I have learnt that:
    • Lived experience is great research – It’s no secret that we write best about what we know.
    • Real words connect real people to you (or to your business endeavours).
    • Meaning, clarity and conviction are essential writing values.
    • An understanding of how people think and be means I can write straight to the heart (and mind).
    • What you need is a job done well, but isn’t it great to know you are working on a relationship as well as a task?

    I’ve built a foundation over twenty-five years:
    • Graduate Diploma of Arts in Writing – Swinburne University (Masters in progress)
    • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management) – Deakin University
    • Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling – Ikon International Institute for Healing Arts and Sciences
    • Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy – Ikon International Institute for Healing Arts and Sciences
    • Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing – GippsTAFE/CAE
    • Writing for the Web, InDesign, Digital Photography, IOS Photography
    • Certificate in Integrative Medicine – National Institute of Integrative Medicine
    • Level 1 Instructor  – Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL)

    I’ve worked for multinational corporations (that was the 90s after all!) where I was Marketing Manager Asia Pacific, and with blue chip advertising agencies. Then I listened to my soul call and in 1998 started my freelance life bring value to small and medium business that matched my moral and ethical compass. So far it’s working! 

    My daily ‘research’ encompasses health and healing, story making, motherhood, cooking and nutrition, conscious business, the art of dancing, yoga, reading voraciously, a good red wine, advocacy and positive social action, living authentically, philosophy and a lifelong commitment to learning.
    And of course there is writing…

    Lindy respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land, the Wurundjeri people past and present of the Kulin Nation. She also pays respect to all Aboriginal Community Elders and people, past and present who have held this land sacred and cared for it over generations.

    Photo Credit –  Angela Rivas of Lunasol Photography for all portraits.

    Copyright All material on this site is subject to copyright. Blogs may be shared, but at all times a credit to Lindy Schneider as author and link to this website (www.lindyschneider.com.au) are to be shown. Thank you.

    Contact Lindy

  • June 28, 2016

    Equine Therapy article now published

    What a pleasure it is to combine so many things I love in one setting – horses, writing and healing. Here is an article I wrote for Yarra Valley and Rages Country Life magazine about Equine Therapy in the Yarra Valley. Enjoy.

    April 19, 2016

    Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine – book launch

    It was a great privilege to have Jana Wendt officiate the launch of my book Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine in April 2016. She is undoubtably one of the true role models I have in life – and to share the room with so many talented, brilliant and heart-full people on the night was a rare privilege.

    November 4, 2015

    Roadmap to Wellness – complimentary download

    Write about what you love! Health writing has been a wonderful part of my writing life for many years now, so it’s very satisfying to see this project launch online.

    May 6, 2015

    www.visitwarburton.com.au launch

    A very exciting announcement today with the launch of the new OFFICIAL website for the Warburton Valley. Informative, beautiful and local – www.visitwarburton.com.au is now live for the world to see!

    November 15, 2013

    ‘Best Script’ with my Muse

    My short play ‘Pablo’s Muse’ has been awarded Best Script by Michael Veitch and Guy Rundle at Theatre Shorts 3. And I couldn’t have done it without Pablo.

    June 13, 2013

    Books as Therapy

    Books as a map of my life – each one meaningful, shaping, forever a friend. What books would you say made you who you are?

    April 21, 2013

    Digital kids and flying books

    Annual unit sales for digital books now exceed that of printed books. What does this mean for children’s literature? What is ‘good’ digital publishing? In this feature article, I explore the influences and share the favourites I discovered researching books for ‘digital natives’.

    March 22, 2013

    Still steps – the nature of walking and writing

    Walking and writing are essential to each other. Here is a 2000 word meandering of words that capture what that means for me. Enjoy.

    February 4, 2013

    Take a long deep…read

    Are we now so trained by our busyness and 140 character posts to read everything so quickly that we have lost the ability to read deeply, with presence and openness to juicy words that we can savour?

    January 16, 2013

    Freebies – Chemical Maze Ebook offer

    Ebooks can be very useful marketing tools. Here’s a free offer for the Chemical Maze I wrote. Short and to the point, it’s full of easy tips for a chemical-free lifestyle. Find out something you never knew and enjoy.

    January 8, 2013

    The true nature of publishing

    I’ve just ‘taken delivery’ of the most rewarding and exquisite published version of my work that I could ever imagine. It was a deal that elevated both the writer and the ‘publisher’ into a creative, heartful space – together, unified, equal, ONE.

    December 8, 2012

    All about dandelions

    The best logos are rich with symbolism and truth. They are more than marketing strategies – they are emanations from the soul and tell our stories in so many more ways than words convey.

    November 29, 2012

    ‘Lifted’ launched!

    Congratulations to author Georgina Hobson. I edited her gorgeous words a few months ago and am so proud to have played a small part in a book that will be of such sweet solace.

    November 25, 2012

    Why be a transforming writer?

    What does it mean to be a transforming writer? Here’s what inspires me as co-founder and festival organiser of Transforming Writers.

    October 25, 2012

    The inspiration wall

    I’ve never liked the term ‘writer’s block’ but it is true some days the words just seem to flow more readily than others. To me a block is only a sign that the writer needs to shift states or perspectives – here’s how a simple postcard takes me places.

    October 14, 2012

    IOS creative

    With technology so readily able to come with us everywhere into the world, the way we capture, reinterpret and put words to our world is an ever-changing phenomenon that is limited only by our ability to stay open and explore the new writing tools that bring possibility to the page…and the screen.

    June 23, 2012

    Book launched – The Chemical Maze Bookshelf Companion

    The Chemical Maze Bookshelf Companion is a comprehensive guide to chemical additives in foods. Make informed decisions for a happier healthier life.

    June 14, 2012

    Juice – a short story

    My short story ‘Juice’ was recently shortlisted in the Cancer Council Arts Awards. It’s a reflection on the first year anniversary of the passing of my ‘brother’ Paul.

    October 4, 2011

    Content curator

    Do you whack things up on Facebook? Are your posts meaningful exchanges designed to create community, or thinly veiled attempts to sell more product?

    August 30, 2011

    The writer runs this show

    Why engage a professional content writer? In the words of content master Brian Clarke – the writer runs this show. Here’s why…

    May 31, 2011

    Living Sculpture cover story

    Lindy’s Owner Builder Magazine cover story – ‘Living Sculpture’ – showcases a magical home that is quite literally at the bottom of her garden.

    May 26, 2011

    SEO content writing works for Chemical Maze

    How a series of 500 word well-written articles can use keywords to create compelling content that people want to read.

    May 17, 2011

    SEO content marketing at work

    SEO content writing is a skill that combines the ability to write engaging relevant, content balanced with maximised search terms or key word phrases. See how this is working for The Chemical Maze.

    April 27, 2011

    Food Service – The Koha Community Cafe

    Koha Community Café is an inspiring example of the benefits a ‘pay what you can afford’ menu can offer a community. Did you know 6% of Australians will go without a meal today? That’s more than a million neighbours.

    February 22, 2011

    Lindy Schneider writes daily blog

    Bite-sized chunks of very useful information – The Chemical Maze hosts over 150 blog posts that I have researched and written to help people live healthier, chemical-free lives.

    January 5, 2011

    Will Facebook overtake the role of websites?

    An article I read recently suggested Facebook would replace websites. Is word of mouth still the best advertising strategy and what works best?

    December 20, 2010

    The Way of the Natural Therapist

    I wrote the foreword for the recently released book “The way of the Natural Therapist’. My past experience as a counsellor and art therapist truly informed this work.

    October 1, 2010

    Site Seeker – Warburton

    Published in Autumn Issue of Yarra Valley Experience Magazine. I admit to some bias about Warburton – it’s my village and my community and I feel blessed to live between her mountain and her river.

    August 8, 2010

    Grand Designs

    Sioux Dollman is an artist who brings a whimsical quality to the grandest of works – she’s an inspiration to everyone she meets and as I writer I find her enthusiasm for a life of art infectious.

    August 1, 2010

    Shaping the Future

    Lisa Takdare is an emerging children’s writer who has, what I think, is the perfect job for her genre! She’s a librarian – surrounded all day by books and children. Brilliant…

    July 15, 2010

    Dancing Fish

    This short story was published in the Jetstar ‘What’s your story’ online magazine. Fresh is best…in most circumstances.

    July 8, 2010

    Native foods not new foods

    The latest food trend to hit Australian shores is not new at all. Regardless of the current hype that surrounds native foods, we cannot escape the irrefutable truth – these foods have existed for at least 40,000 years and we have ignored them for most of that time.

    June 8, 2010

    Review : Fuel of the Day

    Review writing is an art. You typically need to say more with less words so it really helps when you have a passionate interest in a topic – caffeine!

    May 8, 2010

    Review : Alpine Retreat Hotel Warburton

    A well-written review can earn you business. There’s a special magic to writing a review that is short, meaningful and effective.

    April 3, 2010

    Moving Art

    Inspired with the task to write a vignette in the time it takes to drink a latte, I wrote this piece about the first thing I saw one sunny afternoon in Degraves Street, Melbourne.

    February 14, 2010

    Enough Said – Costco, consumerism and crap

    Today I paid my first visit to the hallowed halls of excess consumerism. A strange warehouse style monolith filled by pallets of people all on the ‘give me, give me, give me ‘ hunt for a bargain, a special bonus or at the very least an extra kilogram of something they don’t need at no extra cost.

    January 31, 2010

    What is conscious business?

    It is the business that lives its principles and believes in them from the core that doesn’t need to tell the world what they are doing in the hope of a positive rub off on sales.

    January 27, 2010

    Birth rites, birth wrongs

    It started innocently enough. When I first became pregnant 4 years ago, I was surprised at how quickly I became overwhelmed by negative birth stories. I made a very conscious decision to embrace only positive and life enhancing stories about birth…

    January 12, 2010

    Words Count

    Lets not get too caught up in brevity at the expense of beauty. Lets slow down as we read and savour the selection of words. Lets slow down and savour life.

    December 7, 2009

    Coffee Cupping 101

    Coffee cupping was once the domain of the growers, merchants, brokers and roasters of the bean industry. With the increasing sophistication of all things bean, it is now possible for latte lovers like you and I to learn about aspirating, slurping, and bean appreciation, in much the same way as wine tasters revere their grapes.

    November 28, 2009

    Warburton Survives Georgia

    Warburton is the superb location for Australian film ‘Surviving Georgia’. One of the crew shares a nugget of ‘film’ wisdom with me. ‘It takes Art, Chance and Chaos,’ he says, as yet another retake is called.

    November 19, 2009

    A woman’s song

    Deep inside every woman is her own unique song. Candid, juicy, sometimes impatient, her song reverberates with the beat of her own heart, sending its roots into river stones and whispers. This is sacred, transforming writing.

    November 6, 2009

    A night out with Lloyd Cole

    Since 1984, my favourite artist has been Lloyd Cole. Now in his mid 40s that angst and melancholic disposition that provided the literary fodder for his lyrics in earlier years, has been refined to something that is more reflective and somewhat amused at the plight of middle age.

    November 2, 2009

    Did they have prams in Pompeii?

    My fascination with Pompeii started when I was eight years old. This article exposes the enormous lengths I will go to for a passionate encounter – even with toddlers in tow.

    October 29, 2009

    Plight of a mature aged student

    A wise teacher once shared with me why people ask questions – they truly want to know the answer, or they want to prove they already know the answer, or to try and demonstrate the teacher does NOT know the answer.

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  • Community newsletter← back

  • Complete Health project – Sanitarium← back

    live_more-cover learn_more-cover eat_more-recipe-cover
    In February 2013, Sanitarium Australia launched a health promotion program called CHIP – the Complete Health Improvement Program – based on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine and preventative health.

    I was fortunate to be involved as a contributor (of several chapters in the reference book Learn More) and as editor and proofreader of the companion workbook Live More and recipe book Eat More.

    The program has been so successful the books are already in reprint!
    For more info see the CHIP website

    Contact Lindy

  • Owner Builder Magazine← back

    Owner Builder Magazine

    The Owner Builder Magazine featured Lindy’s seven page article ‘Living Sculpture’ in June 2011. Artist and Warburton resident, Sioux Dollman’s magical strawbale home also featured on the front cover.

    download  full article as pdf

    Living sculpture

    With an affirmation that ‘all we need is in abundance now’ guiding the building process, artist and owner builder Sioux Dollman has used her contagious energy and warmth to inform an inspired building process, with remarkable results. Her eco-built straw bale home reflects her values of beauty, simplicity and functionality and is more than a living sculpture; it is a home that is a monument to artistic talent and self-belief.

    As a working artist, Sioux has a defined ability to visualise and a deep reverence for beauty. As a first time owner builder, and first time home owner, she knew she needed the help and support of like-minded people to see her ideas articulated, and she knew she wanted to use local people and materials wherever possible.

    Contact Lindy

  • Back Yard Farmer magazine← back

    Back Yard Farmer magazine

    The Back Yard Farmer Magazine featured Lindy’s three page article ‘Native Foods not New Foods, in June 2010. The article was also published in Herbology.

    download full article as pdf

    Native foods not new foods extract

    Goyal (Native Rosemary)

    Borrn (Native Bush Onion)

    The latest food trend to hit Australian shores is not new at all. Regardless of the current hype that surrounds native foods, we cannot escape the irrefutable truth – these foods have existed for at least 40,000 years and we have ignored them for most of that time.

    Native foods have been the foundation of an indigenous diet providing essential nutrients and sustenance long before they became the latest fashionable condiment for a restaurant menu or home pantry. The Australian food industry has finally discovered what our Indigenous neighbors always knew, and the food world is listening. The growing interest in native food, (or bush foods) could be considered long overdue, but it is our sudden explosion in demand that is both the challenge and the boon for native food producers.

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  • Healthy Living Magazine← back

    Healthy Living Magazine

    Healthy Living Magazine is a custom publication from The Gawler Foundation. Lindy created eight issues as Editor-in-chief including content, design and layout, writing, photography and editing.


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  • Signs Publishing Company← back

    Signs Publishing Company



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  • Cancer Council Victoria← back

    Cancer Council Arts Awards

    The short story ‘Juice” was shortlisted by renowned author Arnold Zable in the 2012 Cancer Council Arts Awards. Lindy’s moving account of the first year anniversary of her dear friend’ passing is an example of her passion for the creative non-fiction genre.

    download story as pdf

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  • NIIM← back

    National Institute of Integrative Medicine


    Lindy regularly provides a range of writing and editing services to the not-for-profit organisation NIIM, including articles, the Integrative Health Guide, various applications, events programs and documents.

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  • Yarra Valley Experience← back

    Yarra Valley Experience

    The Yarra Valley Experience Magazine featured Lindy’s three page article ‘Site Seeker’, in Autumn 2010.

    download full article as pdf

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  • BeanScene Magazine← back

    BeanScene Magazine

    ‘Fuel of the day’ is a review piece of Warburton’s concept café, Café Meccanica. Featured in Beanscene, a magazine devoted to coffee, in October 2010.

    Coffee is hero a Café Meccanica, a tucked away café that  can proudly claim to brew the best caffeine in Warburton. Genovese Coffee is the preferred bean and perfect crema the fuel of the day.

    Once a garage, owners Sam and Kyall have created a light airy space that is unique for its range of motorcycle memorabilia – from café racer to dirt bike, with an original Evel Knievel pinball machine adding to the cool nostalgic air.

    Fill up the tummy from the range of light snacks – toasties feature local artisan bread and ‘Fat Mumma’ condiments – all reasonably priced from $4.50. Succumb to sweet treats with panforte, biscotti and home made muffins and loaf cakes which go the extra mile.

    The sun-filled outdoor seating area, also known as the ‘driveway,’ boasts a northerly outlook over the pristine Yarra River and the natural beauty of Mt Donna Buang. It’s a wonderful place to linger and check out the steady stream of motorcycles that drop in before tackling favourite rides such as the Reefton or Black Spurs. Café Meccanica has a friendly vibe that has everyone talking. And the locals love it.


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  • Natural Therapist← back

    The Way of the Natural Therapist book

    An example of ghostwriting from the heart. The foreword of this book about the lifestyle choices of natural therapists is personal and inspiring.

    ‘Know thyself’ – like many natural therapies, these words have withstood the test of time, across cultures and alongside the advances of modern man in a range of fields. For a therapist the words ‘know thyself’ are a mantra for authentic inner growth and effective therapeutic practice and today, with the increasing demands of modern life, natural therapies are an important part of any individuals health plan.

    Leisa Miller and James Ketub Golding have assembled a range of therapists from different modalities to talk about their own practices and provide the reader with an insight into who and why they work the way they do. But more than that, they have created an all important sense of community, inviting the new practitioner into the stories and experiences of more experienced practitioners, providing links and insights into the similar, yet different ways that people work.

    What makes a ‘good’ healer or therapist? This is a question worth considering and this book allows us catch a glimpse of the ‘calling’ experienced by some of the best. We witness how beyond the ‘calling’, deep authentic growth is an essential part of continued ‘good’ therapeutic practice. I see this in the people in our therapeutic team at The Gawler Foundation. They renew themselves again and again in their work, they are the living embodiment of what they teach and they take time to retreat regularly. They are therapists because their deepest instincts have called them to the work and there is a substance in them that stems from their life experience and the challenges they have risen to. In all of this, deep inner growth is the grist of a therapist life.

    The Gawler Foundation is also a living example of what it is to work with a sense of community. Natural therapies are a pillar of our work, taking an integrated approach to health, healing and wellbeing. Many of our therapists have several therapeutic specialties, crossing modalities and integrating them into unique offers that benefit clients in the everyday encounter. Our programs are fundamentally based on a carefully considered mix of natural and traditional therapies: meditation, nutrition and counselling are supported by massage, Qi Gong, yoga and other client specific modalities offered in response to individual healing needs.

    Leisa  and Ketub are generously donating proceeds from this book to The Gawler Foundation.. They do this in recognition of the way therapists can work together to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to individual and collective wellbeing – this also the way of The Gawler Foundation. By offering this support, they are acknowledging our credibility in integrated health care, the value of multi modal therapies and the very real need for funded research into natural health care – research that is independent and without the influence of pharmaceutical designs. We acknowledge The Way of the Natural Therapist as a book that is of its time, and a special resource for therapists in their pursuit of excellence.

    Uniquely placed, this book is one of the first to explore the value of deep authentic growth, and place it alongside technical knowledge and experience as key to therapeutic brilliance. This is as true for therapists as it is true for the individual. Knowing another’s story is way wonderful way to ‘know thyself.’

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  • Private Clients← back

    Private Clients

    Lindy values the many editing and proofreading clients that regularly seek her services. It’s sustaining and rewarding work helping all kinds of people bring their projects to a shimmering finish.
    She is regularly asked to write articles, media releases and other materials by individuals and groups.

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  • Wild Thyme Cafe← back

  • Eye On magazine concept← back

    Eye On magazine concept

    Developed concept and project managed, wrote and edited on a team responsible for the design and development of the inaugural issue of Eye On magazine for publisher and entrepreneur, David Miller. Key world events told in words and striking photos.

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  • Blessed Earth← back

    Blessed Earth marketing and launch

    Organic and sustainable product developer Blessed Earth needed help establishing initial branding statements and materials when they launched their online retail business. A great example of how my marketing and writing experience combines.

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  • Follow Your Bliss← back

    Follow Your Bliss – concept and copy

    Branding and identity development for counselling and art therapy services. Conceptualised a symbolic and meaningful logo and wrote copy that captured the essence of the services offered.

    download pdf

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  • Transforming Writers← back

    Transforming Writers

    find out more here

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  • Upper Yarra Writers Group← back

    Upper Yarra Writers Group

    find out more here

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  • Jetstar What’s your story← back

    Jetstar What’s your story

    The restaurant chosen by our hosts, three rounded Japanese business distributors, has a classic Tatami room, fabulously expensive and noted for its strict adherence to traditional custom and ritual. Apparently the food was supposed to be pretty good too.

    As the only woman in the party, I am afforded a discrete amount of respect, notwithstanding it is highly unusual for a woman, of my age and from Australia, to be included in a business mans lunch.

    ‘You like Sushi?’ says my Japanese colleague Yas.

    ‘Yes, of course.’ I say, because I do.

    A woman shuffles into the room, weighted down by her heavy kimono, and places large platter it directly in front of me. Four smiling faces motion to me to begin.

    I pick up my chopsticks and lean forward, doing my best impersonation of someone who has used these utensils many times. This is the biggest, freshest tuna fish I have ever seen in my life. Fillets have been sliced from its side, rearranged and placed back on the fish as decorations, like rosettes and ribbons.

    Chopsticks poised, all eyes upon me, I am about to select a juicy morsel when all of a sudden…oh my god…the fish starts JUMPING ABOUT on the plate.

    I recoil so suddenly I topple backwards over the cushion I have been sitting on and nearly meet my fate by crashing into the bamboo and rice paper tatami wall behind.

    ‘It alive, Miss Lindy.’ says Yas in his best high school English. ‘We call…dancing fish.’

    ‘Delicious,’ I say, recovering  my composure, ‘pass the wasabi.’

    Poor fish. Out of a sense of respect I persisted and ate several more pieces of its ultra fresh flesh. Then it was taken away from the table to reappear later in a soup, and later still as a curry. The last thing I remember of this fancy dinner in Tokyo was a little black fish eye staring at me. ‘It is customary for the guest to eat the eyeball.’ says Yas, a gallant host until the end. ‘It would be my pleasure if you have it,’ I say, ‘really I insist.’

    Getting the etiquette right while travelling in foreign countries on business can present all sorts of challenges. Food is often the first affront to Western sensibilities however if you can embrace the differences, you will have an immediate insight into what makes a country and its culture. I did.

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  • Soft Loud House← back

    Soft Loud House Architects


    Eco and environmental architect Alvyn Williams of Soft Loud House Architects was looking for copy that spoke of the beauty of shape and form in his designs. Lindy wrote and edited together text for a beautiful site that conveys the values of the business in pictures and words.

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  • The Gawler Foundation← back

    The Gawler Foundation


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  • The Chemical Maze← back

    The Chemical Maze


    As part of an integrated marketing platform supporting online readers and app users with quality information and links, Lindy posted over 150 blogs to the Chemical Maze website. Posts were SEO maximised and increased traffic to the site. They were also widely shared though Facebook and other Social Media. The eBook, a ‘Top Tips for a chemical-free lifestyle’ resource guide was offered as a bonus incentive for multiple app purchases.

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  • Zaar Bellydance← back

    Zaar Bellydance


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  • Naturally Being← back

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Her writing has gained her a special recommendation from Arnold Zable in the Cancer Council Arts Awards 2012 and the Swinburne International Literary Journal Bukker Tillibul. Her short play 'Pablo's Muse'  was  awarded ‘Best Script’ by Michael Veitch and Guy Rundle at Warburton Theatres Production Theatre Shorts 3. 

She is co-founder of the Upper Yarra Writers Group and in 2013 co-launched the Transforming Writers Festival, a series of writing events focused on personal and social change hosting international authors such as Andrew Harvey. 

Her writing interests are vested in exploring the healing power of story and the authentication of personal mythologies and experiences. She is influenced by Jungian philosophy and holds meaning and purpose as essential writing values in her preferred genre, creative non-fiction. Her professional writing career is marked for her stellar work in communications in health, community development and storytelling.

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