Lindy Schneider
I am a writer with the courage to make a story real. Actually, I am many forms of writer – author, biographer, freelance writer, ghost writer and editor, creator and communications consultant, content writer and digital specialist.

My personal writing interests are vested in exploring the healing power of story and the authentication of personal mythologies and experiences. I am influenced by Jungian philosophy and hold meaning and purpose as essential writing values in my genre, creative non-fiction.

My mission in writing is the pursuit of meaning and passionate action – meaningful words are the essence of a meaningful world. My writing has an inspirational quality, an emotional integrity that stems from a narrative based on personal experiences and deep reflection. I am mindful of the details that make life rich, gathering the threads that weave the tapestry of human experience. I value the poetic and see writing as a beautiful way to connect and elevate life. Through our words we stand for what we believe.

I work glocally (global/local) and am a part of the new era in self-created, balanced living. I live with a mountain and a river in the pristine Yarra Valley – writers’ bliss on the outskirts of Melbourne – but my virtual office takes me everywhere.

As a freelance writer who would love to write for you, I have learnt that:
  • Lived experience is great research – It’s no secret that we write best about what we know.
  • Real words connect real people to you (or to your business endeavours).
  • Meaning, clarity and conviction are essential writing values.
  • An understanding of how people think and be means I can write straight to the heart (and mind).
  • What you need is a job done well, but isn’t it great to know you are working on a relationship as well as a task?

I’ve built a foundation over twenty-five years:
  • Graduate Diploma of Arts in Writing – Swinburne University (Masters in progress)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management) – Deakin University
  • Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling – Ikon International Institute for Healing Arts and Sciences
  • Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy – Ikon International Institute for Healing Arts and Sciences
  • Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing – GippsTAFE/CAE
  • Writing for the Web, InDesign, Digital Photography, IOS Photography
  • Certificate in Integrative Medicine – National Institute of Integrative Medicine
  • Level 2 Instructor  – Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL)

I’ve worked for multinational corporations (that was the 90s after all!) where I was Marketing Manager Asia Pacific, and with blue chip advertising agencies. Then I listened to my soul call and in 1998 started my freelance life bring value to small and medium business that matched my moral and ethical compass. So far it’s working! 

My daily ‘research’ encompasses health and healing, story making, motherhood, cooking and nutrition, conscious business, the art of dancing, yoga, reading voraciously, a good red wine, advocacy and positive social action, living authentically, philosophy and a lifelong commitment to learning.
And of course there is writing…

Lindy respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land, the Wurundjeri people past and present of the Kulin Nation. She also pays respect to all Aboriginal Community Elders and people, past and present who have held this land sacred and cared for it over generations.

Photo Credit –  Angela Rivas of Lunasol Photography for all portraits.

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