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The women  - Rehearsal, Pablo's Muse

My short play ‘Pablo’s Muse’ has been awarded Best Script by Michael Veitch and Guy Rundle at Theatre Shorts 3. And I couldn’t have done it without Pablo.

I’ve been reading Pablo Neruda for twenty years. Actually its been reading me, responding, guiding and inspiring me in ways that have bought beauty and poignancy to the everyday.

Two months ago, as I sat struggling to write a health article I had an idea, an idea that kept insisting itself on me. Write me, write me it whispered as it filled my veins with words.

When I surrendered, I wrote a play. A first-ever play, a complete and utter surprise, a piece I felt tender for and full of love for. I called it Pablo’s Muse.

A play about the women in his life, the unexplored and the unexplained.

What shall I do with this gift I wondered? Do I dare bring it into the world of witness and criticism?

Lindy  delia rehearsalWith a deep breath, I entered the play into a local theatre production called Theatre Shorts. Over a glass of wine, the beautiful Angela  shared her own love for Pablo and Chilean heritage – I had my Mathilde, Pablo’s greatest love, as Angela bravely accepted the challenge of returning to the stage after a twenty year absence. Another friend, Melissa, made a similar comeback in the role of Maryka, the first wife, and I, infinitessimal being, drunk with the great starry void, likeness image of mystery, felt myself a pure part of the abyss, took the role of second wife, Delia.

What came of this has been more than a script or a play. It has been a blessing, a catching of a thread that has opened a new pathway for me. A profound love for theatre, a courage, a deep appreciation for the way words come to life  when they are given breath and released from the page.

And in writing about the women who may have played muse to Pablo, I have indeed encountered my own muse – a force that takes me into places that resound with the divine, with words and with my own unique voice.  

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