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Co-author of healthy food guide

By Lindy Schneider


Lindy Schneider – a précis

Lindy Schneider is an author, editor and professional writer living and working in Warburton in the Yarra Valley.  In 2012, she co-authored The Chemical Maze – Bookshelf Companion and her biography on prominent integrative health pioneer, Professor Avni Sali titled Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine

Her writing has gained her a special recommendation from Arnold Zable in the Cancer Council Arts Awards 2012 and the Swinburne International Literary Journal Bukker Tillibul. Her short play ‘Pablo’s Muse’  was  awarded ‘Best Script’ by Michael Veitch and Guy Rundle at Warburton Theatres Production Theatre Shorts 3. 

She is co-founder of the Upper Yarra Writers Group and in 2013 co-launched the Transforming Writers Festival, a series of writing events focused on personal and social change hosting international authors such as Andrew Harvey. 

Her writing interests are vested in exploring the healing power of story and the authentication of personal mythologies and experiences. She is influenced by Jungian philosophy and holds meaning and purpose as essential writing values in her preferred genre, creative non-fiction. Her professional writing career is marked for her stellar work in communications in health, community development and storytelling.

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