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Imagine your smartphone is a device capable of an astonishing array of special effects photography normally the domain of programs like Photoshop. It is!

I have just participated in three workshops with visual artist Benno Poeder exploring the digital world of photography apps. For a writer, there are countless ways that we can use this new technology to explore new ways of writing, especially in new media. Apps such as Typepad Draw allow a writer to shape their words and provide new layers of meaning to text. It is one thing to describe something as vibrant but what if the colours and shape of the letters you choose to covey a word could also convey the spirit of that word too.

Benno introduced us to a diverse range of apps and applications. He creates art on his iPhone using words as brushstrokes, building layers and layers of texture by repeating words in the same way that an artist paints with various brushes and colours.

There is no doubt image is inspiration, but with technology so readily able to come with us everywhere into the world, the way we capture, reinterpret and put words to our world is an ever-changing phenomenon that is limited only by our ability to stay open and explore the new writing tools that bring possibility to the page…and the screen.

An exhibition of over 200 IOS creative art pieces (including mine) will open at the Upper Yarra Arts Centre on Sunday 2 December. See you there.

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