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BOOK AND EXHIBITION by Lindy Schneider and Angela Rivas 

 (Official Project launch: Friday 1 September 2017)

From this place book mock upThe From This Place project reveals the unique stories and images of fourteen incredible local women that will inspire the artist in everyone.  There are painters and poets, potters and scenographers, sculptors and authors and artists that have so many layers it’s difficult to hold them in any one definition. These women are important, their work matters.

Lindy and Angela started this project more than two years ago in a moment of shared inspiration. They were curious why they lived among so many talented women artists and wanted to find out why. They also wanted to elevate fellow women artists, to raise their profiles in a world where it is often hard to cut through. One of the most telling statistics they found was that only 5% of artists hanging in permanent galleries worldwide were women. They decided to do something about it, and where better to start than in our own beautiful region?

FROM THIS PLACE BOOK – is approx. 128 pages hardcover (25 x 20 cm landscape) in full colour.

This is a book of stories told in words and images – one could not exist without the other. Stories of courage, hope, love and togetherness. Stories of finally saying yes, of heartfelt longings set free to shape new lives, regardless of age, or stage, or medium.


Launching on Friday 1 September 2017 (confirmed) – the first day of spring!

The exhibition will feature 14 portraits from the ‘essence’ shoot. They are images you will fall into, and feel from the inside. They are creative, visionary and capture the uniqueness of each woman. They reveal a beauty that is essential, unequivocal, a gift to the world.

The exhibition will run for 5 weeks at the Upper Yarra Arts Centre Warburton and the book will be launched at 7pm. The exhibition will also run at the Yarra Valley Regional Museum in Lilydale in December and January (2018)


Belinda Rogers, Sioux Dollman, Marlee Nebauer, Jena Bedson, Maya Ward, Adrienne Kneebone, Kate Baker, Shlomit Moria, Indigo Perry, Gillian Farrow, Lucy Pierce, Jo Rothwell, Jenny Davis and Jeminah Alli Reidy.  Profiles on

The project has generous funding from Yarra Ranges Council and the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank® Branches.

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Lindy Schneider and Angela Rivas are now available for media interviews. Please contact Lindy on 0417 365 697. Images can be supplied on request.  

The project was conceptualised and developed in Warburton where Lindy and Angela live.

Book Synopsis

This Place explores the inspirations and work of fourteen unique women artists and how the natural beauty of the Upper Yarra Valley grounds their practice.

With thoughtful prose and insightful images, this book is a touching immersion in the challenges and delights of giving in to the beating heart that lives in us all, regardless of age, medium or history.

Be inspired to explore the artist in your own life. The force of creativity in these women is a force in us all and every story has the potential to reignite a forgotten part of your own creative life.

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