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I wrote the foreword for the recently released book “The way of the Natural Therapist’.
Here it is for you now.

Lindy’s Foreword

‘Know thyself’ – like many natural therapies, these words have withstood the test of time, across cultures and alongside the advances of modern man in a range of fields. For a therapist the words ‘know thyself’ are a mantra for authentic inner growth and effective therapeutic practice and today, with the increasing demands of modern life, natural therapies are an important part of any individuals health plan.

Leisa Miller and James Ketub Golding have assembled a range of therapists from different modalities to talk about their own practices and provide the reader with an insight into who and why they work the way they do. But more than that, they have created an all important sense of community, inviting the new practitioner into the stories and experiences of more experienced practitioners, providing links and insights into the similar, yet different ways that people work.

What makes a ‘good’ healer or therapist? This is a question worth considering and this book allows us catch a glimpse of the ‘calling’ experienced by some of the best. We witness how beyond the ‘calling’, deep authentic growth is an essential part of continued ‘good’ therapeutic practice. I see this in the people in our therapeutic team at The Gawler Foundation. They renew themselves again and again in their work, they are the living embodiment of what they teach and they take time to retreat regularly. They are therapists because their deepest instincts have called them to the work and there is a substance in them that stems from their life experience and the challenges they have risen to. In all of this, deep inner growth is the grist of a therapist life.

The Gawler Foundation is also a living example of what it is to work with a sense of community. Natural therapies are a pillar of our work, taking an integrated approach to health, healing and wellbeing. Many of our therapists have several therapeutic specialties, crossing modalities and integrating them into unique offers that benefit clients in the everyday encounter. Our programs are fundamentally based on a carefully considered mix of natural and traditional therapies: meditation, nutrition and counselling are supported by massage, Qi Gong, yoga and other client specific modalities offered in response to individual healing needs.

Leisa  and Ketub are generously donating proceeds from this book to The Gawler Foundation.. They do this in recognition of the way therapists can work together to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to individual and collective wellbeing – this also the way of The Gawler Foundation. By offering this support, they are acknowledging our credibility in integrated health care, the value of multi modal therapies and the very real need for funded research into natural health care – research that is independent and without the influence of pharmaceutical designs. We acknowledge The Way of the Natural Therapist as a book that is of its time, and a special resource for therapists in their pursuit of excellence.

Uniquely placed, this book is one of the first to explore the value of deep authentic growth, and place it alongside technical knowledge and experience as key to therapeutic brilliance. This is as true for therapists as it is true for the individual. Knowing another’s story is way wonderful way to ‘know thyself.’

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