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I had an incredible night last night celebrating the launch of the book I was commissioned to write – a biography titled ‘Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine – The story of Professor Avni Sali and Integrative Medicine’.

It was a great privilege to have Jana Wendt officiate the night – one of the true role models I have in life – and to share the room with so many talented, brilliant and heart-full people. I thank you all.

It’s been a four year project and there are so many people I am deeply grateful to, but I’d like to send big love to Tex Lindner for being there every step, and to dear friend Nicole Fox for joining the festivities with us on the night. Everyone in my life added something to this milestone for me and I am truly humbled.

What a tender and gracious role it is to step into a person’s life story to write about who they are and why. I have indeed been lucky in ways unfathomable to have had such a brilliant subject to write about. I love the phrase ‘courage makes a story real’ and there is much to be learnt about passion, conviction and resilience from Avni – life lessons that will last well beyond the excitement of seeing this book birthed and in the world.

This book now has the mission of advancing the understanding of integrative medicine as the future of health for everyone. I’m proud to have played this small part. More info at

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