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The idea for a Transforming Writers festival was borne out of a need I felt as a writer to create community with other writers who used words to raise consciousness.

All writing carries meaning, but I particularly wanted to explore and encourage writing that actively sought to create or inspire change. This wasn’t about more biographies or more memoirs, or about expanding the self-help genre, but touched on an area of writing that many of us felt authentic within, but lacked a defining name for.

Transforming Writers touches on a theme in writing that supports personal and social change. It embraces the spiritual, the cultural and the environmental, and lives with the intent to bring a voice and a platform for writers who seek to inspire others and stand for what they believe in. Transforming Writers touches on both the way writing is able to transform us as people, and on the power of our words to transform others. I am deeply grateful to the work of Andrew Harvey, whose passionate insistence that we work on our heartbreak has inspired me to sacred action, and Stephen Harrod Buhner, whose book Ensouling Language has given me the encouragement to ‘inhabit my words’.

See for more info on festival events and presenters for 2013

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