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I read an article recently that suggested Facebook would replace websites over the next decade. It seems referrals from friends to quality fan pages (for businesses, services, events and so on) will soon outrank the omnipresent Google result.

With over 750 million users, Facebook is certainly a major force for communication both personally and professionally, but like all media channels there is the challenge of achieving significant cut-through amongst so many other people and their messages.

There is no doubt that a business can benefit from a Facebook presence. I’ve even started noticing TV commercials carrying a Facebook address rather than a standard website address on the end frames.

Who knows where this will all head. 15 years ago when we got our first email addresses at work and browsed our first websites, we never envisaged the impact of social media on our lives today.

One thing I do understand is there is still a fundamental respect for one of the most important business lessons you can learn.

Word of mouth
 will always be the most powerful form of advertising you can do and Facebook is a supremely efficient way to spread the word—so make sure the word is good.

Have a well-written website AND a well-written Facebook page for optimal effect.

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